Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Day for REAL at the Lynn Boys and Girls Club Today

Great day back after the holiday break! The REAL Program works closely with area colleges and universities and we are able to bring in highly motivated and talented young adults who bring fresh ideas and energy to work with our young children. Gordon College and Endicott College provide a pool of service learning candidates. My Brother's Table, lead by Bud, provided our families with fresh fruit and a "pantry" to last through the snow storm never mind a family dinner. Traditional Bread provided beautiful rolls to accompany the meals. It is a pleasure working with such dedicated people who understand that the children we are working with are hungry and thirsty to learn!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

War on Poverty 50 Years Later

It is the 50th year since the launch of the WAR ON POVERTY that was initiated by President Lyndon Johnson. We have made some strides in this battle, however, we have so much more to do if we want to provide a quality life experience. In our American quest to attain the American dream we might be missing some of the ingredients necessary to achieve this dream. 

The REAL Program is proud to offer REAL meaningful service learning opportunities helping young children learn to read, love to read and read to learn. Many of the young students need more help with their homework than their hard working parents can provide; REAL helps in this capacity. Children take home FREE gently used children's books to keep in addition to getting their homework help; play time; nutritious snacks and family dinners; enrichment activities and attention from caring, educated adults. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year! What Are Your Goals?

The REAL Program started this year with the first goal of reaching out more to the families of the children we support in our literacy-based tutoring and enrichment programs. The first round of phone calls was received with such joy and gratitude! I know that I can speak on behalf of all the volunteers at The REAL Program---the feeling is mutual!
Happy New Year!
Our second semester starts on 1/21/2014 at the Boys and Girls Club of Lynn.