Sunday, November 23, 2014

Important components of The REAL Program

 The following is one volunteer's view of what are the  Important Components of the REAL Program

1.     The REAL Program stresses the importance of reading to academic success and sends the message to the student that he/she is capable of of achieving great things.  This is accomplished through an atmosphere that gives positive feedback and stresses the message that each child is valued and capable of accomplishing  great success in their pursuit of education.

2.      The Real Program provides opportunity for the student to have a great deal of one on one time with a caring adult .  The one on one interaction of the student with a caring adult as they read ,do homework ,play games or engage in meaningful conversation together is invaluable to the development of the student.

3.     The Real Program fosters a love and interest in Reading and the written word through Reading aloud to the students , listening to the students read to the adults and by providing the student with high quality books to take home for their personal library at each and every session.

4.       The Real Program stresses the importance of healthy eating by providing the students with healthy and nutritious snacks as well as the option to take home a family meal to share at home together and enjoy family time around the table .

5.        The Real Program provides a safe and happy environment for the student to enjoy that provides them with a home-like comfortable atmosphere after a long school day , staffed by adults who are always happy to see them and are interested and concerned about their welfare and their happiness and success.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hungry for Food and Thirsty to Learn for #REAL

Good Morning to All,
November is the month of Thanksgiving in the United States. It is the #REAL end of the harvest season and a time to be with family, community and others to give and share thanks. It is a time to have food together, to forget about all the squabbles and differences we encounter in every day life and to simply enjoy life.

The families and children at The REAL Program are rich in many ways in that they have a sense of family and community even though many of them struggle to have enough food to feed them all. The sense of together is very strong. The sense of love is very strong. We simply give them the academic support and the extension of love and care that their families already provide. The families recognize that The REAL Program provides more than just books, homework help, literacy games and activities and guided play time. Many people are mislead to believe that these can all be provided by computer games and software. The difference is the people who give of themselves to work with the children. The quality of human connection is #REAL. The volunteers are educated, motivated and enthusiastic to help the children and their families.

The children come to The REAL Program with #REAL hunger that we are able to satisfy with food of fresh fruit and healthy snacks provided by #My Brother's Table. We are often able to provide fresh bread and even pies from Traditional Bread who share their understanding of what is feels like to be hungry.

After we have provided food (either for snack or for taking home to their families for family dinner night), the children need a chance to play, to move, to laugh and be free to create. Some of them want to get their homework done and then go to play. Some of them need to play before they can settle down to read, do homework, draw or play a board game. All of the children are thirsty to learn!
Grateful for the opportunity to help. Grateful for the recognition and care.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Don Kelley -auctioneer

Maryann Lemelin -REAL Mentor and FUN person

Freehling, Manganelli FUN table--oops, No table!


Fabulous live jazz music from #PocketChangeTrio

Larry and Kitty Mullen (REAL Board Member)

#REAL Kevin Carey and #REAL Darryl Ruffen

Fanciful displays put together by Pat Landry!