Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mabel's REAL World, Then and Now

My name is Mabel, I am a volunteer/intern at The REAL Program. Before I began the program I had my mind set on what it was going to be like. I 
imagined that I was going to be assigned one kid only to help them with homework if needed; read with them, and play games. As you know  everything doesn’t go as imagined. On the first day Jan introduced other interns and myself to other adults there and to some of the kids. I also remember Jan telling me “now go find a kid who wants to do homework, read, or play. And I said to myself “oh okay, that’s it”. Then I thought “okay now this hard, how am I going to find one kid to play with, and how am I going to approach a kid what if they don’t like me”. But then I just went for it and I began to play with a little three year old boy named Adrian. Although he really didn’t talk, like, literally didn’t talk, he nodded to my questions so there was some type of communication and, with that little bit, I felt welcomed. I am pretty sure we both had fun together that day because at the end of the day he gave me a high five and nodded yes to my question if  he had fun with me
that day. From that day on I knew that I was going to love The REAL Program. Everyday I went I met a new kid and every single one of those kids welcomed me to learn and play with them. Being with a bunch of different kids you are  bound to think there is definitely one that is my favorite. Well that not true, I can’t have a favorite kid because each and everyone of those kids are beautiful individuals. They all have big different personalities that I absolutely adore. I can’t forget the adults who also give the open and welcomed atmosphere. They do not only care about the kids they care for everyone. Now officially being apart if this program it makes me sad to think that this season is almost ending because I am going to be leaving a family of friends. But it will not be the end of The REAL Program days.
Note from the director: Mabel wrote this testimonial 2 years ago. Mabel is indeed not finished. This summer Mabel is an intern with us at The REAL Program and we could not be happier! Today is Mabel's birthday! Happy Birthday to YOU.