Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Little Glimpse into The #REAL Program

The REAL Program meets 50 children at the Brickett School 3 afternoons per week in the fall semester and the winter/spring semester. This year's summer program takes us to #NorthShoreCommunityBaptistChurch in Beverly for 6 weeks for our all new #REALSTREAM2017. This little video shows one student signing in and showing his new buddies what is a #REAL part of the day. We all sign in as a #student, an #intern and as a #mentor.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Readocity app to be shared at The REAL Program

As a parent of two young children now 8 and 6 Vidya realized the problems a busy household with two working parents have in raising young readers. It was hard for parents to have conversations around books read at school with kids. Paper reading logs were either lost or arrived too late to have exciting conversations around books read and daily reading activities.. Also busy working parents were clueless on what books to buy/rent  to engage their readers. All this was resulting in kids losing interest in reading and resorting to screen time and  just dropping out of reading.  Having worked in technology for 15 years, Vidya knows this problem can be solved through technology. With an easy to use mobile app, we can keep parents  and educators (or any party interested in developing the child as a reader) up to date on reading activities so both parties can follow the child and their reading. Through the app, we can also push curated recommendations to parents and teachers so we can raise happy readers and support school systems in their mission for literacy. Readocity is a solution for school systems PreK-12 and is already adopted by a few schools as a tool for reading and literacy.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

#REAL Thanks Librarians

#theREALProgram #RosemaryWellsAuthorVisitTour was so successful today! Each #library was well attended and each place had its own unique characteristics but all so beautiful. The #maxandRuby author/illustrator shared the stories behind the stories- interesting tales of each of the characters and how she uses different every-day items to create depth in her images; cheerios, chex mix, rice, lentils, straw brooms are some ideas. 

Huge shout out to the #dedicatedlibrarians at #LynnpublicLibrary, #LuciusBeebeMemorialLibrary in Wakefield and #IpswichPublicLibrary. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rosemary Wells Literacy and Library Tour on March 11th, 2017

Well-known children's books author and illustrator Rosemary Wells is coming to our region on Saturday, March 11th. The author, most noted for her PBS characters Max and Ruby, has toured the entire United States with author visits and talks about her life as someone who has created over 130 children's books in her career. Some of us remember one of her first characters, Noisy Nora!

Here is the schedule!

 Lynn Public Library
5 North Common St.
Lynn, MA 01902

Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
345 Main St.
Wakefield, MA 01880

Ipswich Public Library
25 North Main St.
Ipswich, MA 01938

Purchase a book; get an autograph or be in a photo with the famous celebrity; learn the stories behind the stories.

The event is free and brought to you by The REAL Program and Friends of Lynn, Ipswich and Wakefield Public Libraries. 
Donations are gratefully accepted to our mission to improve literacy.

NOTE:  This day is in place of the Legacy Institute for Early Childhood Educators

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ukelele Man on Boston Public Garden

The year held so many great moments for every age group. On this particular day we took a trip to Boston to see the statues of the ducklings of the classic children's book by Robert McCloskey, Make Way for Ducklings. 
It was a beautiful October day and we had a chance to see the world outside. There was a "ukulele man" enjoying the weather and the crowds at Boston Public Garden and then there was a group of children from The REAL Program in Lynn.