Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's for REAL!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Are you Swanky Enough?

Don Kelley, #REAL Auctioneer
Don Kelley, well-known charity auctioneer is on hand to help make this year's #REALnightOUT fun and successful on Saturday night, 10/24 at Glen Urquhart School, 74 Hart St., Beverly Farms. 
Our Second Annual REAL Night Out features a new and creative twist: Supporters are encouraged to bring a group of 8 people and decorate their table in the image of one of their favorite children's books. On the day of the fundraiser, teams are invited to come between the hours of 10 and 2 to compete for the best decorated table. 
First prize is dinner for 8 at your home and cooked by one of our expert chefs (for #REAL). Second prize is a Downton Abby Tea Party at your home catered by the #REAL tea party family. The competition will be judged by interior designer Janice Tranos and her committee of artists. All of this will be live-streamed and you will even be able to bring your props to our #REAL photo booth. The silent auction will take place from 6:00-7:30 during which time you will be able to dine on fabulous appetizers provided by Kelly's Roast Beef and quench your thirst all night long with "bottomless" glass choices of beer or wine. Merchant Liquors of Danvers is providing the refreshments. the Pocket Change Trio will entertain us with live music until the dinner hour. The attention will turn to Mr. Kelley to help us raise money and have fun at the LIVE AUCTION. A music DJ with light show will back up the auctioneer. A special treat is still in store for you, so don't be too late to purchase your ticket to the REAL NIGHT OUT! Get Swanky!
Hope you can join us!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What The REAL Program means to Families!

 The Real Program has been a blessing for us. There are many reasons why we send our son, Manny, to the program. However, the reason that is probably most important to us is that we feel completely comfortable knowing that our son is in a safe learning environment. In the past we had looked at other after school programs in the area, and we noticed that education was not really a concern.    
    The children at these other programs were running wild with minimal supervision, and no structure. Many of the children were using language that was inappropriate, and appeared to have little to no understanding of the word respect. We love knowing that the staff, and the children that go to The Real Program share the same family values that we do, and we don't have to worry that our son will be exposed to behavior that is not accepted at our home.
    We are so grateful to have The Real Program and the staff, without it our son would probably not be able to read as well as he does.
'Thank you,
Manny & Tricia Gasca

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Labor Day from The REAL Program!

Summer at The REAL Program featured interns from near and far from all over the world to work with children and families in Lynn.